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Undergraduate and Postgraduate Medical Student

If you are studying at the School of Medicine and wish to be referred to Medic Support, you can either self-refer, by completing an online form or you can request a referral by contacting your year Director or year Co-ordinator, who can arrange for you to be referred.

Medic Support provides help with a number of issues including

  • Time management
  • Difficulties passing exams
  • Language and communication issues
  • Health impacting on work performance
  • Behavioural or attitudinal concerns

We can support you if you are experiencing certain difficulties such as:

  • Significant physical or mental health concerns
  • Financial issues where you may need help finding extra funding sources
  • Concerns around attitude or conduct
  • Supporting students who are going through formal university procedures

Medic Support works closely with and signposts to services such as:

  • Occupational Health
  • Student Support Counselling Service
  • Career Counselling
  • Specialist Mental Health Assessment
  • Links to self-help groups

Written and verbal feedback is given to the individual throughout their programme. Contact with the School will be encouraged with consent from the individual. This is discussed in detail at the beginning of the programme, so that the individual enters the programme with a clear understanding of communication pathways.

We welcome referrals from staff who have discussed the referral with the student. Please complete the online referral form and ask the student to counter sign.


If you are not sure whether to make a referral or not please contact us either by phone or email. We would be happy to discuss the case with you. Contact the Medic Support Team on +44 29 20870686, ext. 70686 / 70781

Points to note:

  • The discussions you have with Medic Support are confidential – the only time they would be shared is if there were probity, fitness to practice or safety concerns.
  • Medic Support is a confidential and independent service.
  • Case notes remain in Medic Support and are the property of Medic Support.
  • Medic Support reserves the right to contact the Medical School, Deanery lead or Trust lead if they have concerns of a serious nature about patient safety or probity

Academic Mentoring

Student link

Engagement with Academic Mentoring is a requirement during your time at medical school. Its aim is to help you reflect on your performance, set future goals and discuss your career aspirations.

You can contact your Academic Mentor at other times if you need help or advice; they may refer you on to other support services if it seems appropriate.

Access the online Academic Mentoring Scheme


What is Academic Mentoring?

  • To support students academically. It will help you reflect on their performance, set future goals, discuss their career aspirations.
  • Is a requirement for all students in years 1-4.
  • At least once per year each student must meet with their Academic Mentor on a 1-2-1 basis.
  • The review meeting must take place before the end of each academic year, but not necessarily within the first term. This applies to all year groups.
  • To inform this meeting your student will need to reflect on their own progress and set goals for the future.

What records will be kept?

A record of the 1-2-1 discussion with Academic Mentors will be kept on the online academic mentoring database. This will allow you and your student to revisit these as they progress through medical school so you can both track whether goals are being achieved.

Guidance for completing the online review forms:

Contact the Academic Mentoring Team

029 20870779
029 20870686