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Medic Support

Medicine is both academically and emotionally demanding and we are committed to ensuring you have the access and support needed to enable you to perform to the best of your ability.

Medic Support aim to help you overcome, or cope with difficulties you may encounter during your career.

We are a confidential service that provides support to medical students and doctors who have been identified as having issues relating to performance or health.

Medic Support seeks to follow national and international best practice in the provision of support for our clients.

We support people with performance related issues such as behavioural or attitudinal problems, language or written skills or difficulty with passing exams.

We also support people with both physical and mental health problems. These may be short or long term long term health conditions.

Access to our service can be made in several ways. Requests may come from the Medical School, Health Boards, Trusts or Primary Care Organisations from across the UK.

Medical students or doctors can also self refer themselves. To find out how, please select one of the following that relate to your training.

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If you would like further information about the support available please contact us.

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